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Important Information - Collections

Posted On: 09 Nov 2020 by Keith Butler

Please read for our latest information on how to collect your items during lockdown



Collections by Appointment

  • It is vital that you do not arrive late for your appointment. If you do so you will miss your time slot. This policy is in the interests of all our other customers, as a late collection would have a ‘knock on’ effect for the rest of the working day.
  • We can only accept online payments. You will not be able to pay for your invoice at the salerooms.
  • If you have a printer you can print a copy of your invoice which must show a nil balance.
  • If you do not have a copy of your paid invoice we may ask you for proof of identity

Saleroom 1 Purchases

  • Arrival: Please go to the Saleroom 1 loading bay. If someone else is already loading please remain in your vehicle until we call you.
  • Loading: Our staff will bring your items onto the loading bay. It is extremely important that you know that this is a non-contact operation and our staff cannot help you load the item onto your vehicle. You must ensure that you have arrangement in place to do your own loading. However, before doing so our staff will assess whether you are able to load the items into you vehicle without their help.
  • If you are employing a courier to collect your furniture, please ensure they are aware of the above, and that they will need to bring their own assistant for items requiring a two-person lift. Please contact us directly for specific advice regarding dimensions etc.

Saleroom 2 Purchases

  • Please go to the main entrance. The items will be brought out of the building to you. Please do not enter the saleroom building

Saleroom 1 and 2 Purchases

  • If you have brought items from both Salerooms 1 and 2, you can collect your Saleroom 2 items from the Saleroom 1 loading bay.

Salerooms 3, 4 and 6 Purchases

  • Arrival: A member of our staff will be waiting between the Meadow Lane gate and the saleroom entrance ready to guide you to the collection point.