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Antique and vintage projectors and movie making equipment - Friday 8th January sale

Posted On: 23 Dec 2020 by Keith Butler

A unusual and rare large single owner collection of projectors, cameras and other film show and movie making equipment is to feature in our first auction of 2021


We're delighted to be offering something a little different in our Friday 8th January sale. This large single owner collection of projectors, cameras and other film show and movie making equipment dates from the early to mid twentieth century. All items are sold untested and as seen. The collection contains some rare and interesting pieces including a late 1920s 'Zeiss Ikon Kinobox' - examples of which exist in the collections of London's Science Museum and the National Museum of American History:

The sale will form part of our usual Antique & Vintage Furniture auction, and the full catalogue will be available in the first week of January. In the meantime, please see the following lot descriptions for this section of the sale.   


Lot 501 A Cinetechnic 16M-Sound film projector

Lot 502 A Pathescope Pre-War 1931 9.5mm cinefilm projector and a Pathescope 'Kid' with original wooden box

Lot 503  A 1930s Ampro Precision silent movie projector

Lot 504 A GB Equipment 16mm S16 projector

Lot 505 A GB Equipment 16mm S16 projector

Lot 506 A 1920's Eka 35mm projector

Lot 507 A 1940's Bell & Howell Tone Model 621 projector and speaker

Lot 508 A Bell & Howell Gaumont Model 601 projector and speaker

Lot  509 A Raillard Swiss 8mm PA projector in wood case with Bolex transformer

Lot  510 A Bell & Howell Tone Model 621 projector and speaker

Lot 511 A Moviola Model D film editing viewer

Lot 512 A Bell & Howell Tone Model 621 projector

Lot 513 A Bell & Howell Tone Model 621 projector

Lot 514 A Newton & Co. 1950's London 'Wigmore' Epidiascope Model WF50

Lot 515 A Bell & Howell Model 606 8mm projector with case, a Champion of Freedom film of Winston Churchill and another film, Wedding in Springtime

Lot 516 A GB Equipment Model 516 16mm projector

Lot 517 Two GB Equipment 516 16mm projectors

Lot 518 Three Bell & Howell S16 projectors

Lot 519 Two GB Equipment Model 516 16mm projectors

Lot 521 A Bell & Howell Model 613 projector

Lot 522 An Amp 35mm projector (pre war) and a Silwa 2405 8mm projector

Lot 523 An Adiescope film strip projector, model 11, in case

Lot 524 A Kodak Kodascope Model EE in original case

Lot 525 A GB Equipment Gebescope Model 'A' projector and speaker

Lot 526 The British Thompson Houston Company Sound Reproducer projector, Model SRB

Lot 527 A Cinetechnic D16 Professional projector and two loudspeakers

Lot 528 A Kalle 'Orphan' 6mm projector, an incomplete 6mm projector, three film winders, a vintage bottle of Colle.

Lot 529 Two Bell & Howell 626 projectors

Lot 530 A Bell & Howell 621 projector

Lot 531 A GB Equipment 516 projector

Lot 532 A Bell & Howell 1960's Filmsound Specialist projector

Lot 533 A GB Equipment Model K16 projector and a British Bing mini projector

Lot 534 A Paillard Bolex D8L 8mm movie camera in case and a Bell Autoload 308 movie camera

Lot 535 Two Cinetechnix D16 Professional projectors

Lot 536 A Ditmar 1940's projector in original case with transformer and bulbs

Lot 537 A Pathescope 'Super' projector

Lot 538 A Vitessa cine projector in case with transformer

Lot 539 A Precisvox 8mm cine projector

Lot 540 A Kershaw 250 strip projector and a magic lantern case by Newton & Co., Opticians

Lot 541 An early home made cine-film projector

Lot 542 A Cinetechnic D16 sound/film projector, a/f

Lot 543 An Amiro Precision projector and other projector spares

Lot 544 A Globescope Model A projector, a/f

Lot 545 Four GB Model 216 speakers

Lot 546 A GB speaker in wooden cabinet and one unbranded speaker in wooden cabinet

Lot 547 Four GB Equipment transformers

Lot 548 Five GB Equipment transformers

Lot 549 Five transformers, a/f

Lot 550 A wooden box with transformer, two Aldis Epivisor Diascopic attachments, one boxed

Lot 551 A collection of projector spares in a steel chest

Lot 552 A GB Equipment speaker

Lot 553 Twenty-four projector lamps - unused

Lot 554 Eighteen projector lamps - unused

Lot 555 A box of 24 projector lamps and six valves

Lot 556 A hinged wooden chest with fifteen projector lamps

Lot 557 Eighteen small projector lamps

Lot 558 An 8mm film editor and a large magnifying glass

Lot 559 A large projector screen and a small 'Elf-rector' pull-up table top projector screen

Lot 560 A Pathescope Motocamera 9.5mm handheld movie camera

Lot 561 A collection of Film Reels

Lot 562 A collection of film reels

Lot 564 A Marconiphone Stereo Phone

Lot 565 A Geraldo accordion and case a/f

Lot 566 A Sorrento accordion and case

Lot 567 A Pietro Italia accordion and case

Lot 568 A Hohner Tango V accordion and case

Lot 569 A Calvi Parma Accordion and case

Lot 570 A Monika student accordion and case

Lot 571 A vintage Philtone Radio a/f

Lot 576 A Simplex Ampro Ltd Premier 20 Projector in original carry case

Lot 577 Cinetechnic D16 projector and speaker in cases with spare bulb

Lot 578 A pre-war German pull-up projector screen

Lot 579 A Paillard Bolex Projector a/f

Lot 580 A pre-war German Zeiss Ikon Kinobox CK600 Projector

Lot 581 A Telematic Silwa Zoom 8mm Projector

Lot 582 A Hanimex Loadmatic Super 8 Projector

Lot 583 A Precisvox speaker in original steel cabinet

Lot 584 A Heurtier P6245 projector

Lot 585 A Paillard Bolex projector a/f

Lot 586 A Paillard Bolex G16 projector in original case

Lot 587 A Bell & Howell D16 Projector

Lot 588 A Kodascope Model 50 Projector