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Victoria's vintage style - with a twist!

At Johnson’s, we always like to hear from our customers, so why not share your auction hunting story?


At Arthur Johnson's, we love to talk to you about items you've bought - it's interesting to hear where they'll end up, or what inspired your collecting bug. So why not share your auction hunting story right here on our blog? 

News and Views spoke to Victoria, who’d come along one Saturday morning as she'd spotted a lightbox lamp in our Modern Interiors Auction.

Victoria told us: ‘I love mixing pieces from Arthur Johnson, combining traditional and contemporary and always manage to find a perfect ‘statement’ piece. This week I managed to get the eye testing light box, plus a couple of petrified lamp tables. Bonus!’

There’s nothing wrong with Victoria’s eye for style. The optician’s lightbox at home with two petrified wood side tables,
also from our Modern Interiors Auction, in her fantastic 'Gentlewoman's study.'

‘Its forever home will eventually be in my snug, together with the side tables, and the whole area is being themed around a gentleman’s study.’

As you can see, Victoria did just that. Her inspiration was a traditional vintage-style study, but with a brilliantly ladylike twist. There are books, comfortable chairs, a wood burner and a drinks cabinet - sounds like the ideal haven! 

We’d only asked Victoria to send a photo of the lamp in its new setting, so we were delighted when she emailed telling us what a friendly place our auction house is and - like so many of our customers - why the whole experience is special to her:

‘Jason the auctioneer has the unique combination of being professional, friendly and witty at the same time, which always makes visiting the auctions an absolute pleasure!’ Also, visiting the auction always brings back fond memories from my childhood. I’d often go to the Cattle Market with my parents, so it’s a fabulous personal trip down memory lane too.’

Thank you very much Victoria - we hope to see you again soon. 


So, the next time you bag a brilliant lot, why not tell us all about it? 

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