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Seal a deal in our saleroom 2 auction this Saturday

Posted On: 15 Sep 2021 by Keith Butler

Our auction this Saturday features a number of antique wax seals. Beautifully crafted, they make for interesting and sought after collectables


Wax seals were first used in the middle ages when royalty and eminent individuals such as bishops would leave their unique mark to authenticate documents. As literacy and consequently written correspondence increased, the use of seals became more widespread and continued widely until the early part of the last century.  

Made in diverse materials and designs from a silver owl to agate, gold and ivory, our Saleroom two auction

features an impressive number of antique seals this Saturday.



Seals would be unique to their owner, and can be found in a wide range of materials and imaginative designs, adding to their appeal as collectables. 

Find out more and view the collection in our online catalogue