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Yesterday, today and tomorrow - a ring that says it all

Posted On: 10 Jun 2022 by Keith Butler

Lot 978 in our Saturday auction is a beautiful 18ct gold and diamond trilogy ring with approximately 1.70ct diamond weight. It’s certainly a stunning piece of jewellery, but what do trilogy rings symbolise?


With an increasing appeal to younger generations, the three stones offer a contemporary take on ‘I love you’, with each of the gems symbolising that the recipient represents their significant other’s past present and future. The diamonds’ symbolism, however, remains unchanged, equating to love and unfading promises.

When given by those in mature relationships, the centre stone is said to define commitment, and the outer pair stand for trust and respect.

One of the greatest aspects of a trilogy ring is its versatility - often given as engagement or eternity rings, they also make very special gifts when given as a memento of a life event such as a birth or anniversary.

Take a look at our catalogue page below for more details and pictures of this stunning and thoroughly modern piece of jewellery.