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Sale Ref: 0781
Sale Date: 9th December 2017

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LOT 1009A

An 18ct white gold and seven stone diamond ring, 2.3g, S

Sold For: £75

LOT 1010

An 18ct gold cameo ring, Birmingham 1918, 3.5g, N

Sold For: £95

LOT 1010A

A niello pencil holder

Sold For: £40

LOT 1011

A 9ct gold and garnet ring, 2.9g, O

Sold For: £35

LOT 1011A

A 15ct gold, peridot and seed pearl brooch, 3.1g

Sold For: £60

LOT 1012

An 18ct gold cluster ring, 4.6g, M

Sold For: £110

LOT 1012A

A Belgian Order of Leopold II medal, L'Union Fait la Force, two other medallions and a RAF badge

Sold For: £40

LOT 1013

An 18ct gold, platinum set three stone diamond ring, 2.3g, J

Sold For: £80

LOT 1013A

An .800 silver and enamel bracelet, two silver and marcasite brooches, bird and lizard, two pendants with chains, a pair of silver and marcasite earrings and a long black necklace

Sold For: £95

LOT 1014

Two 9ct gold rings, a/f, 2.4g

Sold For: £30

LOT 1015

Assorted mixed china, plated ware, photograph frames, brush set, etc., six boxes

Sold For: £30

LOT 1016

Assorted figures including hedgehog, badgers, seals, etc.

Sold For: £5

LOT 1017

Silver plated items including an inkwell

Sold For: £5

LOT 1018

Games including Decimal Dominoes, Bingo, Slam, Sum-It, Treasure Quest, What Do You Know

Sold For: £5

LOT 1019

Five cased sets of flatware including coffee bean spoons

Sold For: £30

LOT 1021

Edinburgh crystal glass, a set of six tall wines and six whisky, four brandy and five champagne, three other glass decanters and two glass jugs

Sold For: £80

LOT 1022

Eight glass chimneys for oil lamps

Sold For: £20

LOT 1023

A collection of Chris Aston, Elkesley, Notts, studio pottery

Sold For: £5

LOT 1024

Four wall clocks;- Smith, Schatz and two quartz

Sold For: £25

LOT 1026

A quantity of Nkuku flatware, boxed

Sold For: £15

LOT 1027

A German King of the Swamp money box, 1935

Sold For: £25

LOT 1028

Assorted items including die-cast vehicles, china including Sadler Union Jack, commemorative plates, plated ware, Russian dolls, a silver bangle, Action Man figure, etc.

Sold For: £5

LOT 1029

A large collection of fashion jewellery, 24.9kg

Sold For: £10

LOT 1030

Three boxes of glass including bowls, decanters, jugs, wines and whisky

Sold For: £25