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Sale Ref: 0785
Sale Date: 20th January 2018

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LOT 1095

Three pub ashtrays and a White Horse Scotch Whisky advertising figure

Sold For: £25

LOT 1096

Plated flatware, etc.

Sold For: £28

LOT 1097

Assorted playing cards, some boxed

Sold For: £5

LOT 1098

A religious icon figure, framed pictures, etc.

Sold For: £20

LOT 1099

A box of lady's handbags

Sold For: £5

LOT 1100

Three Boots The Chemists heritage plates, four Boots commemorative mugs, a Boots bed pan and douche, advertising ash trays, etc. (2)

Sold For: £5

LOT 1101

Two Bully soft toys, large and small, (Bullseye), glove puppets, a china model seal, a chess set, clock, books, etc.

Sold For: £5

LOT 1102

Two Leonardo Collection ladies, six Bulwell scenes decorative plates, two tea sets including oriental and a figure of a Siamese cat

Sold For: £8

LOT 1103

Five tureens, three with lids, cake plate and four saucers

Sold For: £5

LOT 1104

A collection of silver plated items including serving dishes

Sold For: £35

LOT 1105

Assorted china, glassware, tankards

Sold For: £10

LOT 1106

Two boxes of assorted china including Royal Doulton Tralee and a large decorative bowl

Sold For: £5

LOT 1107

An oak case of plated cutlery, Roberts & Belk Ltd., Sheffield

Sold For: £30

LOT 1109

A collection of flatware

Sold For: £32

LOT 1110

Assorted items including Carlton ware, glassware, quartz clock, binoculars, manicure set, buttons, etc.

Sold For: £10

LOT 1111

A Beswick ware cabbage leaf bowl, a brass model of a cannon and a brass kettle

Sold For: £5

LOT 1112

Two pairs of bellows, one a/f, and two bowling woods

Sold For: £10

LOT 1113

1980's-2000 football programmes

Sold For: £15

LOT 1114

Dinnerware, china, a quartz clock, a pair of plated bird centrepieces and four other plated items

Sold For: £10

LOT 1116

A set of four graduated duck figures, a pair of binoculars, brass hand bell, a 1970's tray, glassware, Welsh jug/stein, etc.

Sold For: £22

LOT 1117

A box of assorted items including plated ware, die-cast vehicles, brassware, paperweight, etc.

Sold For: £12

LOT 1119

Losol ware Croxton china (two boxes)

Sold For: £22

LOT 1120

A large figural clock

Sold For: £5

LOT 1121

A pair of large stylised bird figures

Sold For: £28