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Sale Ref: 0818
Sale Date: 8th September 2018

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British School (20th Century), children playing football, pastel, 29 x 26cms, framed

Sold For: £45


Peter Collins, Albert Bridge, London, watercolour, 22 x 37cms, framed

Sold For: £35


Italian School, Old Master style landscape, fragment from a larger oil on canvas laid to board, 60 x 67cms, unframed

Sold For: £20


Peter Collins, still life of flowers, watercolour, unframed

Sold For: £20

LOT 11

French School (mid 20th Century), pencil study of a female nude, indistinctly signed, 54 x 42cms, framed

Sold For: £50

LOT 12

A. Lemmen, abstract study of a female nude, oil on canvas, 49 x 68cms, framed

Sold For: £40

LOT 13

G.E. Lee, rural landscape, watercolour, framed

Sold For: £15

LOT 14

Tony Broderick, pheasant in a winter landscape, oil on board

Sold For: £30

LOT 15

Tony Broderick, fox in a winter landscape, oil on board

Sold For: £35

LOT 18

A Bacons Excelsior Map of North America (contour edition)

Sold For: £20

LOT 19

A signed Laura Boys limited edition engraving, Upstairs Downstairs, numbered 131/500, framed

Sold For: £10

LOT 20

A pair of Pre-Raphaelite style prints, framed

Sold For: £55

LOT 22

Warwick Richardson, steam engine, oil on canvas and one other

Sold For: £15

LOT 25

A.D. Cooper, Art Deco scene with female nude bathers, watercolour, dated 1926, framed

Sold For: £55

LOT 26

A folio of over 200 pastel drawings, signed Hawksworth

Sold For: £65

LOT 27

Three signed Pamela Guille, A.R.C.A. limited edition etchings/aquatints, Canterbury Pilgrimage, 5/30, the Island 5/50 and Agamemnon and Iphigenia 3/20, framed

Sold For: £30

LOT 29

Two signed Pamela Guille, A.R.C.A. screen prints, Sugar Mountain a/f and Camargue, 5/12, framed

Sold For: £45

LOT 31

Edward Peel, portrait of a boy and rabbit, oil on canvas, a 1793 map of Staffordshire, etc., (4)

Sold For: £40

LOT 32

English School (19th Century), pair of rural landscapes, a continental watercolour, an oleograph and a frame

Sold For: £30

LOT 33

English School (19th Century), portrait of a gentleman, oil on canvas, inscribed Cambien 1854, unframed

Sold For: £65

LOT 34

Ivy de Verley (1879 - 1963), portrait of a lady, pastel, dated 1911, framed

Sold For: £120

LOT 35

Scottish School (19th Century), portrait of Robert Burns, oil on canvas, unframed

Sold For: £35

LOT 36

Two 1950's camera advertising watercolours, Voightlander and Purma Plus

Sold For: £20

LOT 37

A 1978 T. Bailey Forman print strike placard

Workers at T. Bailey Forman of Hucknall Road, Carrington went on strike in late 1978 until early 1979. They published the Nottingham Evening Post (now Nottingham Post) and were owned by Local Group publishers. This was a national strike of regional newspaper journalists, and T. Bailey Forman sacked 28 journalists and refused to re-instate them at the end of the strike, unlike all other newspaper companies who did. The BPIF on the handle of the dagger refers to one of the trade unions - The British Print Industries Federation

Sold For: £35