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Sale Ref: 0877
Sale Date: 9th November 2019

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Henry J. Kinnaird (1861 - 1929), A Sussex Lane, watercolour, 35 x 27cms, framed

Sold For: £210


English School (19th Century), half portrait of an MCC cricketer, oil on board, 33 x 26cms, unframed

Sold For: £280


Maggie Taylor, Cottages Anglezarke, near Bolton, oil on board, 43 x 61cms, framed

Sold For: £50


Paul Smyth (Norfolk School), Poplars by a River, Beswick, oil on canvas, 50 x 60cms, framed

Sold For: £40


Elsie Murray, portrait of a lady, oil on panel, 67 x 51cms, framed

Sold For: £300


Elsie Murray, portrait of a lady, oil on panel, 70 x 51cms, framed

Sold For: £180


Elsie Murray, portrait of a lady, oil on panel, 50 x 39cms, framed

Sold For: £130

LOT 10

French Impressionist School, rural landscape, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, 37 x 54cms, framed

Sold For: £45

LOT 11

Continental School (19th Century), pair of gypsy girl portraits, pencil and watercolour, 48 x 36cms, unframed

Sold For: £40

LOT 12

Continental School, Alpine landscape, watercolour, 18 x 44cms, framed

Sold For: £40

LOT 13

English School (19th Century), coastal landscape with fishermen landing their catch, oil on panel, 12 x 18cms, framed

Sold For: £60

LOT 14

English School (19th Century), River Trent near Bleasby, Nottinghamshire, oil on board, 16 x 24cms, framed

Sold For: £40

LOT 15

Robin Gibbard (1930 - 2014), Summer Yellows, watercolour, 36 x 25cms, framed

Sold For: £95

LOT 16

Robin Gibbard (1930 - 2014), May Day, watercolour, 36 x 52cms, framed

Sold For: £150

LOT 17

Joseph Smedley, male nude, oil on board, 48 x 62cms, unframed

Sold For: £20

LOT 18

English School, coastal landscape, watercolour, 16 x 38cms, framed

Sold For: £25


Owen P. Smyth (early 20th Century), Nocturne, Venice, pastel, 24 x 32cms, framed

Sold For: £20


French School, two portraits of ladies, oil on board, unframed

Sold For: £20

LOT 20

Charles William Adderton, Lindisfarne, watercolour, 29 x 59cms, framed

Sold For: £100

LOT 21

British Modernist School, still life of flowers in a vase, oil on board, indistinctly signed, 50 x 40cms, framed

Sold For: £40

LOT 22

English School (early 20th Century), still life of flowers, oil on canvas, 60 x 44cms, framed

Sold For: £85

LOT 23

W. French, portrait of a lady, oil on canvas and one other

Sold For: £110

LOT 25

British School (20th Century), circus horses in a tent, oil on canvas laid on board, 38 x 49cms, unframed

Sold For: £45

LOT 26

Rowland Frederick Hilder OBE (1905 - 1993) , landscape, pen and ink, 26 x 28cms, framed

Sold For: £270