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Sale Ref: 0889
Sale Date: 15th February 2020

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LOT 601

Three Lladro figures of girls

Sold For: £70

LOT 602

Three Lladro figures, tallest 37cm

Sold For: £210

LOT 603

Five Staffordshire flatback figures

Sold For: £18

LOT 604

A Royal Doulton figure, The Old Balloon Seller

Sold For: £25

LOT 605

Five Staffordshire flatback figures, two a/f

Sold For: £15

LOT 607

A pair of Staffordshire spaniels with glass eyes, 35cm, a/f

Sold For: £12

LOT 608

A Royal Doulton figure, The Wizard, HN2877

Sold For: £30

LOT 609

Four Staffordshire flatback figures including Robin Hood and Robert Burns

Sold For: £18

LOT 610

A Moorcroft table lamp, 27cm

Sold For: £50

LOT 611

A 19th Century motto jug, Trust in God and an Adams mug, The Farmers Aims

Sold For: £18

LOT 612

A carved Japanese figure of a demon carrying a woman on his shoulder, set with bone, inset signature on the base, 37.5cm, a/f (one hand re-glued on)

Sold For: £80

LOT 613

A Japanese bronze vase, 23cm

Sold For: £250

LOT 614

Two early 19th Century blue and white serving plates, Canton Views, by Elkin, Knight and Bridgwood

Sold For: £45

LOT 615

A Moorcroft table lamp, 26cm

Sold For: £50

LOT 616

A Lladro figure, Swan Ballet

Sold For: £75

LOT 617

Two large Lladro figures, Summer Serenade and Treasures of the Earth, 31cm

Sold For: £210

LOT 618

A pair of 19th Century brass candlesticks and a pair of tall bobbin turned candlesticks

Sold For: £40

LOT 619

Four Lladro figures

Sold For: £90

LOT 620

An Imari dish and a Royal Worcester Palissy vase

Sold For: £18

LOT 621

Three Lladro figures

Sold For: £45

LOT 622

Two Lladro figures, Mime Angel and Angel Dreaming

Sold For: £30

LOT 623

Two Lladro figures, Love Letters and Cupid's Arrow, bow a/f

Sold For: £25

LOT 624

A pair of Lovatt Langley leadless glaze vases, 25.5cm

Sold For: £15

LOT 626

A continental figure marked 7662 on base, a/f, crazed and with hairline crack, 33cm

Sold For: £50

LOT 627

Two wooden fishing reels, one marked Eton Sun

Sold For: £25