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Vintage Projectors, Cameras, Films and Film Show Equipment - Next Tuesday 2nd March

Posted On: 25 Feb 2021 by Keith Butler

We're back with another great collection of classic film show and photography equipment!



If you're a fan of classic movie making and photography, or simply love the style of gadgets from golden age of film, this is a treat. Hot on the heels of our January sale, we've another extensive single-owner collection of projectors, cameras and other film show and movie making equipment. The items are from the estate of a keen film buff who spent the 1950s and 60s taking his film show on the road across the villages and towns of Shropshire. Rather than trade in his old projector for the latest model, the owner simply stored them away, making for a fascinating collection that charts the development of 16mm, 9mm and Super 8 through the latter half of the 20th century. The items are untested, but have been stored with care, and this is reflected in their condition.

A number of screens and editing equipment are also present, however, what makes the collection extra special is the large collection of films.  

Guaranteed to please any film-going crowd, comedies from Laurel and Hardy, Harold Lloyd and Will Hay are all represented, but so are subjects are diverse and fascinating as a very early 1900s cartoon 'Jolly Good Fellons' from the director of 'Fantasia', and 1950s travel documentaries covering Malaya (as it was then). Also present are contemporary Second World War documentaries and a German newsreel, as well as railway subjects from as distant as Colorado to the Welsh Highlands.  

The former owner, Bob Honeychurch, was also a keen home moviemaker and photographer, and the lots include some interesting still and cine cameras dating from the early 20th century, the war years and into the 1960s. Many of the film themes are influenced by his wartime service in the RAF and keen interest as a railway preservationist. (He was in fact a founder of the company that ensured the survival of the famous Welsh Highland Railway).

The sale will form part of our usual Antique & Vintage Collectables auction, and the full catalogue will be available very soon. In the meantime, please see the following lot descriptions for this section of the sale - the catalogue can be viewed in full here (scroll to lot 1185):


 Lot           Item

1185      A Bell & Howell 'Filmsound' 16mm Projector         

1186      A Bell & Howell 'GB' Projector

1187      A British Thompson Houston BTH Projector           

1188      A Bell & Howell Model 621 Projector

1189      A Bell & Howell 'Filmsound' 16mm Projector

1190      An AEI Model 700/701 Projector

1191      A Pathescope 200B Plus Projector             

1192      A Bell & Howell Gaumont Model 601 Projector     

1193      A Bell & Howell Model 601 Projector        

1194      A Bell & Howell Model 601 Projector        

1195     A Bell & Howell speaker, film reel holder, spare lamps, film splicer & Paillard Bolex cement

 1196     A Goodmans 'Audiom 60' 15 watt speaker             

1197      A dual speaker system in wooden case    

1198      A Bell & Howell Speaker 

1199      A Bell & Howell Speaker

1200      A Eumig P8 automatic projector in case   

1201      A Bell & Howell Gaumont Model 613 Projector in case with reel, tools, original instructions and spare lamp 

1202      A valve transformer, lamp and sound controller a/f            

1203      Two Bell & Howell transformers 

1204      Three Bell & Howell transformers             

1205      A Gnome Alpha deluxe enlarger

1206      A Bell & Howell speaker

1207      Two film winders including one Bell & Howell model          

1208      A pre-war HMV gramophone       

1209      A vintage Mayfair gramophone  

1210      Eleven 9.5 and 16mm films including 'The Road Back' war documentary, 'Britain at War', 'Camouflage', a British Transport Film and a German 16mm newsreel         

1211      Twenty-six 'Super-8' films including a Tom & Jerry and Yogi Bear cartoons, US railroad documentary, 'Born Free' and 'Bridge on the River Kwai    

1212      Five 16mm films including Ian Allan Ltd. 'Welsh Highland Light Railway' and 'Jiving & Jamming' by the National Film Board of Canada. Also several spare reels.     

1213      20 16mm films including 'Hello Malaya', 'Singapore' and 'The Further Adventures of the Flag Lieutenant' War Department documentary.          

1214      Twenty-four 9.5 and 16mm films. Mainly Second World War subjects including 'Q Ships', 'Stalingrad', 'El Alamein to Tunis', also 'Trains' and 'Laurel & Hardy'.

1215      Fifteen 16mm reels with five films including 'A Harbour goes to France' (D-Day Mulberry harbour documentary), 'Jolly Good Felons' (directed by George Stallings) cartoon.

1216     Twenty-five 16mm films including Pathe Picette 'The Great Racing Special' (including the Grand National) and 'Hollywood Musicals'; plus 'Moviepaks' films including 'Monty of Alamein' and 'Prince                      Charles at Play'.  

1217      Twelve 16mm films including 'Dirty Work', 'Helpmates' and ''Thicker than Water' with Laurel & Hardy, 'Good Scouts' and 'Chimp the Aviator'        

1218      A leather box case containing a spare projector lamp, a GB projector lense and spindles.    

1219      A vintage Philips 'Disc Jockey Major' portable record player.

 1220     30 16mm & 8mm films and spare reels including 'The Air Road to Gold' and the Mills/Bakst fight.    

1221      A Chinon 805 S cine camera and boom mic with case.       

1222      A Junior Sanderson plate camera

1223      A Contessa Nettel AGC camera   

1224      An antique Lancaster & Co. field camera.

1225      A Paillard Bolex cine camera in case

1226      An Ensign cine camera and two Kodak cine cameras.

1227     A large free-standing projector screen measuring 270cm H x 240 W (height including stand)              

1228      A free-standing projector screen and a table-top Raybrite cine screen.

1229     Four large projector screens, the largest measuring 267cm wide   

1230      One free-standing projector screen and two table-top projector screens   

1231      A Bell & Howell 'Film-O-Tripod' cine-camera stand and an Aardeco projector stand.

1232     A 'Paxette' 35mm camera            

1233      A Mamiya 35mm camera              

1234      A Canon 'Canonette' 35mm camera         

1235      An Olympus Superzoom 1405 35mm camera and a Nikon AF230 35mm camera       

1236      A Weston Master 'Universal Exposure Meter' and a Philips cassette recorder and mic.

1237     Two glazing plate warmers, a film viewer and film roller   

1238      A Paillard Bolex compact cine camera in case

1239      An Eamig cine camera in case     

1240      A 'Pilot Super' box camera and a Kodak box camera           

1241      A Paillard Bolex Cine Camera       

1242      A Walz 'Movie Editor' machine