The Cattle Market Project

Celebration Event

Posted On: 11 Jan 2023 by Keith Butler to The Cattle Market Project

We hosted a celebration event in Salesroom 6 of Arthur Johnson's to showcase all the work that has been put into The Cattle Market Project.

Celebration Event

We turned the back of salesroom 6 into a temporary exhibition in which we showcased the following work...


- Now & Then photography project by Emily Damyan

- Portraits of Arthur Johnson staff taken by people who took part in our photography workshop

- Drawings from the children at Sneinton C of E that they made whilst listening to stories people have told about their time at The Cattle Market.

- A timeline of the birth of The Cattle Market, as researched by Chris Weir.

- A selection of photographs taken during our Archive Photography workshop

- A selection of animations by Sophie Johnson


Catering provided by Kača Blackmore