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Sale Ref: 0790
Sale Date: 24th February 2018

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LOT 655

A bronze lion, possibly 19th Century and a bronze dog

Sold For: £35

LOT 656

A collection of dolls house accessories

Sold For: £30

LOT 657

A Maling lustre cream and sugar basin, a Royal Crown Derby figure group of Blue Tits and Chicks by K. Wood, tail a/f and a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern saucer, c.1898

Sold For: £10

LOT 658

Three cut glass and decorated perfume bottles and a cut glass trinket pot, a/f

Sold For: £10

LOT 659

A Limoges purse, bone china picture frame and three pairs of opera glasses

Sold For: £30

LOT 660

A collection of twenty-four Matchbox model vehicles, some playworn, in a Matchbox Motorcity carrying case

Sold For: £25

LOT 661

Trinket pots, etc., and a Colibri Parfumzerstauber, boxed

Sold For: £25

LOT 662

Three chess sets, one box marked Jaques, one box marked Staunton Chess Pieces

Sold For: £60

LOT 663

Three Border Fine Art figures including Highland Cow and Calf, 1996

Sold For: £20

LOT 663A

A collection of Edwardian Pall Mall etched glass and two scent bottles

Sold For: £45

LOT 664

An aeroplane model celebrating a flight in 1945 around Australia and The South Pacific and three early flight books;- Meteorology for Aviators (1940), The Aeroplane Magazine (1942), and British Air Forces (1945)

Sold For: £50

LOT 665

A collection of over 200 advertising matchbooks

Sold For: £10

LOT 666

A Wedgwood Old Derby bowl, Mason's, Davenport and other dishes and plates (10)

Sold For: £15

LOT 667

A collection of die-cast model vehicles

Sold For: £60

LOT 668

A twelve setting Minton Seaforth tea set

Sold For: £10

LOT 669

Eight items of studio pottery

Sold For: £12

LOT 670

Three boxes of lantern slides, scientific/medical subjects

Sold For: £20

LOT 671

A collection of eleven LP records, 1980's rock

Sold For: £30

LOT 672

A Coalport six setting tea set

Sold For: £15

LOT 673

Shelley Maytime china, three compartment dish, cake plate, bowl, preserve pot and vase

Sold For: £35

LOT 674

A collection of cigarette cards including full sets, an album of cigarette silks, two John Player albums and a framed photograph of Gary Sprake, goalkeeper

Sold For: £25

LOT 675

A large collection of costume and fashion jewellery, 3.18kg

Sold For: £25

LOT 676

A Royal Albert Lavender Rose six setting tea set

Sold For: £30

LOT 677

A collection of ten LP records including Ramones, The Police and Roxy Music

Sold For: £25